Public Administration

The world-wide economy is controlled for the giant corporations multinationals, that control the flows of capitals in the five continents, where the States had started to be its instruments of expression, of its wills. The globalization redefined a new econmica organization, increasing the differences between the developed countries and in ways of development. The real estate crisis in U.S.A. in 2008 spread the chaos in the Europe, the crisis of the sovereign debts in the Europe spreads the diffidence in all the markets of the World. The main stock markets of the Europe, United States and Asia reflectem profits or losses, consonant the results of the econmica activity of the United States, Europe and China. The measures of austerity that are to be adoptees, as form to decide the public debts can take the sick person to the death. (Source: Dalton Caldwell). In the Portuguese case, for example the great structural reforms of the State, of the Public Administration, the board, the fabric productive and the society in general, without which our country will not obtain to leave econmica crisis social, they had been not even still thought and arquitectadas. All we know of that the indebtedness leads to a weak growth, that leads to a reliable global crisis, of where diminishes the search and reduces the investment, that it leads, in turn, to a reduction of job creation.

The unemployment is great chaga of our times, this vicious cycle is to gain land, much aggravated by indetermination and disfuno of the politicians, therefore they are hostages of the great multinationals, that through its monopolista power mold the world, according to its economic interests. The world-wide economy needs an internal and external reequilbrio. Internally the countries have to create stimulatons to the economy, so that the private consumption increases, what it is not to happen, for the opposite, existing one strong retraco with the measures of austerity well. On the other hand, a external reequilbrio is necessary, that is, an increase of the exportations, form to compensate the domestic search in addition. When reflectir on evolution of the world-wide economy, I fear for difficult times, therefore ‘ ‘ the biggest disaster of a poor nation is that instead of producing wealth, it produces (Mia Couto) ‘ rich; ‘ , this is applied ipsis-verbis to the effective world-wide economic system, that is incapable to produce wealth, but that at the same time it produces richer and on the other hand poor.