Play Tennis Tips

If you want to learn how to play tennis, already not worry more. Because in this article I will share some tips to start playing tennis if you are a beginner. First of all there are a few basics, to start, we will mention the obvious points that you need a tennis court (or similar to play somewhere), a person to play, a tennis racket and a ball. To begin with, you should have a basic idea of how the scoring works, and in tennis is a little unusual. For starters, it does not start 1 or 0 or something similar. It starts with 15.

The next item is 30 and that follows is 40. The next item is called game, set point or point of match (depending on which you’re playing) and is the point to win. OK, and that happens when you’re 0 and your opponent has 30 points. Well, that’s called 30-love love-30 depending on who is making, which first mentioned the score which he gets and the word love is used instead of 0. When a game comes to a tie at 40 is called deuce. The next person that receives the point (either server or receiver) is told advantage since you only need one more point to win. If the person who has the advantage loses the point, back to deuce and so on until someone wins the point, which would gain the advantage to take the game. The game begins with a player who serves.

This is done by throwing the ball in the air and hitting until it touches the ground, without run and walk, however feet can be moved. Although most people serve on top of the head and in the air, remove next to the head is not against the rules, so this is a correct method. The ball must be sent in the box for server diagonally to the person who serves, which starts on the right side behind the lines and the sides and need to be changed of side (to the right, left, right) at each point.