The results also show: positive receptividade of the pupils how much to it disciplines and recognition of its importance in its life; although it has, contradictorily, signalling of that nor always the worked contents are significant for them; it does not have good acceptance of? notebook of the pupil? ; they reveal satisfied with the lessons, but also they demand better resources and didactic procedures. At last, the results point with respect to the necessity of continuity of the quarrel on the return of the curricular Philosophy as component and on the formation of the professor for the accomplishment of this work, necessary and important, with the relation Philosophy and formation of the young ones for the citizenship. Unitermos: education of the Philosophy, public education, formation of the professor of Philosophy, ethics, citizenship. FORMATION DITTICO-PEDAGGICA OF THE PROFESSOR OF PHILOSOPHY 2,1 THE PEDAGOGICAL DIDACTIC FORMATION: The PHILOSOPHICAL EXPERIENCE AND the HISTORY OF the PHILOSOPHY What it is intended to argue in this topic, in relation to the didactic-pedagogical formation of the professor of disciplines Philosophy of Average Ensino of the public schools of the State of So Paulo, it is on its philosophical experience, and also of its narrow relation with the History of the Philosophy. For Severino (2007) the knowledge, in general way, if originates from the effort of the man in search to understand the reality, and to give meant the facts and objects. This if processes in the intellectual, inasmuch as, subjective sphere, and goes if disclosing in the measure where the subject one starts to demonstrate to its fidget and sensitization around the object of the knowledge. This takes in them to understand that this thought coaduna with what we can call philosophical experience. On the education of it disciplines Philosophy in Average Ensino Gallo (2008) observes that something that reasonable seems to be simple, in the majority you discipline of them, the case of the Philosophy is not so simple thus.