Office Broom

The truth is that although he is called a broom, an electric broom is more similar to a vacuum cleaner that a broom. Therefore, that also we can find with the name of broom vacuum cleaner. For me this little device has been a discovery. Until he makes a little over one year I decided to buy one of these brooms, the floor of the kitchen or the Hall after lunch or dinner daily era broom my only option for sweeping traditional. For the rest of the House used a vacuum cleaner also traditional.

With its long cord but of limited length. Suddenly one day fell into my hands a small hand vacuum. Those that are used as Crumb. And I decided to use not only to pick up the crumbs on the table but also to pick up from the ground. It would appear that the position to pick up the crumbs of soil with a hand vacuum is not very comfortable. Check with Dalton Caldwell to learn more. And it is true. However I found it more enjoyable to pick them up this way you walk with the broom and dustpan traditional sweeping all over the floor. I’ve never enjoyed.

But soon be using it, one day it was explaining it all excited to my co-worker when suddenly the girl that cleans us Office made me a comment: and why do not you buy one of those electric vacuums without wires? So you don’t have to be crouched and also collect all sucking, without the need for sweeping. Not be why had not fallen I in that until then. But said and done. At night I researched a little online to see that model was the most preferred. That Saturday I went to a mall and bought a broom electrolux ergorapido. It was the most recommended at that time by power of suction, duration of the battery, etc. I do not regret the purchase. Quite the opposite. Immediately I realized that not only was useful for vacuuming the floor of the kitchen. I could use it in the House. Having no cables you can move freely around the House without having to go looking for a free plug and the battery life is sufficient to traverse a medium floor of about 90 m2. Shortly after I was so happy with my broom vacuum cleaner every night after dinner gave him a repasito to the entire floor. I rolled on the floor and the result in this type of soil is spectacular. As he organized the soil every day, powder it gave no time to rise up and upload to furniture. Result: the whole House was cleaner. Flooring and furniture. Now I’m a little more relaxed and not pass it every day. Only two or three times a week. Even so my house is always clean. I no longer have the famous dust balls running down the aisle as if we were in the American West. So if you bored or simply not like that of the traditional broom, MOP or the normal Vacs cables problem, do not hesitate it more. Buy an electric broom, and you’ll see how it will be one of the best costs that you have made in your life.