New PlayStation Move Convinced

Interactive fun at the highest level after Nintendo’s success with the Wii remote will now join Sony with a new motion controller for the PlayStation 3. The top auctions Portal reported about the PlayStation move. Players come in the interactive games of tennis and archery watching local TV really work up a sweat. This Sony bashers 3 with the motion controller for the PlayStation. A flare that can take on different colours thanks to the integrated light-emitting diode is located at the head of the controller. A camera mounted on the TV captured the movements executed by the player by you registering the position of the ball in the area. This acceleration and rotation are transmitted through integrated sensors.

While the Nintendo Wii has only horizontal and vertical accelerations, the new move motion controller captures also movements, running away to the TV out or from him. The installation takes a little time. It is a PlayStation 3 model with an older Firmware, so you must update the operating system prior to connecting the move controller. This is easily done by using the included Blu-ray. Before playing you must calibrate each player and on shoulder, pelvis and hips keep the controller to determine the size of his body.

However, herein lies a small shortcoming. Each player changes the calibration must be accepted again, which comes at the cost of the flow of the game. In comparison to the Wii remote by Nintendo, the PlayStation cuts move in some points better off, because she more accurately register the position of the player. You detect the smallest movements and in very close match up to reality. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann