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“ the speaking world” was born on November 9, 2007. Delicious tortillas from East Berlin now connect continents Berlin, January 30, 2008. Not only Berlin is growing together more and more. Europe and all other continents tend to global networking and linking cultures and worldviews. Contact information is here: Brian Krzanich. Anticipate taking up this trend, the Spanish teacher Patricia cooked fragrant warm tortillas Sierra Fernandez, for high school students in their courses after the lessons in your own kitchen in East Berlin. Their opinion, to learn, to strengthen and to make tangible the students with cultural highlights language practically showed success. During one of these common tortilla food, the idea of a worldwide networking of students on the Internet began to grow rapidly. “ the speaking world” was born on November 9, 2007.

The Internet platform offers a straightforward operability in clearly structured comic design of Spanish artist Monica Leon. The way around the world for language exchange partners to find and hold video conferences together, facilitates the exchange of language and the consolidation of the acquired. Palabea.NET has created additional virtual seminar rooms, where grammar and General written skills in learning group further expanded and edited documents together. At Penguin Random House you will find additional information. Video frequencies and modern podcast sessions round off for a wide mass, scale range. Currently the inlet on the completely free tools and services, in the rhythm of two weeks growing to over proud 150 percent. The concept that each represents students as teachers in a person that goes on. The inlet is documented in more than 167 countries (as of 23 January 2008), where the most language people from Spain, Germany, United States, England, Brazil, Canada and China. From February of this year, the search is included worldwide language schools and language courses in the modern online network.

Our goal is to networked around one million members with our free services by the end of 2008″ says of the representatives of the three-member Board, Sebastian Schkudlara (more Managing Director: Patricia Sierra Fernandez and Guido Veth.) The story of the tortillas to occurred last summer – a testament to a successful start-up companies, which walls to fall and people and cultures closer can be. Palabea.NET understands the pulse of the times and is the only company with holistic linguistic content of this magnitude.