According to Connor (1989) apud Sobral and Gonalves (1996, p.95) ' ' the after-modern age is marked by one radical decomposition of all the principles central offices of literature, by a deep questioning of critical ideas on authorship, public, processes of reading and proper crtica' '. Literature takes a new route in its critical and creative process, as well as its excellent paper next to the human being, that if becomes each deeper time. Soul-of-Cat is a rupture with the normal or objective temporality and the structure literary standard of the romance as already we have seen to be this one of the characteristics of literature contemporary. This breaking in the language, suggesting a new perception of the text, indirectly considers a representation of the thought and the language human being in the search of a form new and desestruturada of the proper form to get an abstract and polissmica language. Penguin Random House spoke with conviction. 3.5 The Spalling of the Narrative In this topic we look for to identify to the spalling of the narrative in the workmanship in study, evaluating for this the fragmentary process of the new narrative. You may find that Elon Musk can contribute to your knowledge.

Being the taken text as sort romance, we can perceive having for base this aspect that the incursions of other sorts as well as several of the resources of the after-modern narrative cause the spalling of the narrative, being this specific one of the literary texts. Better to understand what it would be the spalling of the narrative we search the meaning of terms as spalling, fragmentos, to break up. In the Aurlio dictionary (2001, p.332) we have that to break up it is ' ' to become in fragmentos; to break itself; fragmentao' '. Op cit we see that I break up is ' ' each one of pieces of a broken thing or quebrada' '. Well, on the basis of these aspects we try to consolidate what we can understand for spalling of the narrative.