Mora Rod

Pure shear. The principal stresses. Chart Mora. Displacement and deformation under shear (absolute and relative changes). Immutability of the shift. Hooke's law for shear. Shear modulus.

The strain energy in shear. The relationship between the elastic constants E, G and m for an isotropic material. Estimated equation for shear strength. Allowable shear stress. Practical calculations of rivets in shear and crushing. Topic 6. Torsion Torsion of a straight rod of round cross-section. The main hypotheses.

Force factors in the cross section under torsion. Torque curve. Determination of stresses in cross-section torsional rod. Plot of shear stresses. Wendell Brooks may not feel the same. Stress torsional state. The angle of twist. Stiffness of the rod under torsion. Torsional strain energy of the rod. The estimated equation for strength and rigidity. The torque on given the power transmitted shaft, and shaft speed. Topic 7. Direct bending loads that cause bending of the rod. Legs and base reaction beams. Types of statically determinate beams. Calculation of support reactions. Power factors general case of direct bending. Transverse and pure bending. Differential relationship between the bending moment, shear force and intensity of distributed transverse load. Construction diagrams of shear forces and bending moments. Verifying the construction of diagrams of power factors in bending. Pure bending a straight rod of constant cross section. The geometry of deformation of the beam. The neutral layer of the beam. Neutral axis (line) cross-section beams. Assumptions involved in the theory of pure bending. Determination of the normal stresses in pure bending. The relationship between bending moment and curvature of the axis of the beam in pure bending.