Minister Westerwelle

Federal Minister Westerwelle reiterated in 2011″the Federal Government’s willingness to help the democratic transition. But what has been done so far, and how could it happen in a so-called ‘ transformation partnership ‘ with fundamentalist leaders? These include for example the establishment of democratic institutions, as well as some reforms in the judicial system etc. Some reforms are under way, but only to the democratic way to slow. The danger of such phenomena as the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood were underestimated by the West and Russia. Democratic development in Egypt among others so so miserably failed, because the MB on democratic dialogue in their power noise was missing. That Furthermore the Shariah a the source of the Legislation remains, apply to you as a matter of course. In addition, they will continue to try to restore the religious dogmas and problems parallel all Egypt the Islamic order.

In it, the Christians can become wards, so second class citizens. The Christians, are little organized. So far unsolved massacre of Christian protestors, October 2011, were two youth organizations founded, which took part in the protest movement. Could mobilize Christian young people but no masses. Mursi resorted to methods of the ancient rulers, and cited the Coptic Patriarch, to required him to call off the activists. Paradoxically an Oriental Patriarch a President indicates that he can not force his followers to be loyal and that the Church only for questions of faith is responsible. But in the wake of the euphoria about the latest developments, the eyes to the dangers of revolution, during which, and in the present may be sealed. The fact is that the political organizations of the protest movement not to abolish the Shariah ‘ called as a source of legislation.

The security situation escalates. Attacks and Verfeindungen against Christians and Christian institutions have accumulated in the last few days. It can be observed that Islamists are now zealous and aggressive against Christians and dissenters. You will most definitely continue to try, to restore their religious dogmas and will want to force, to solve all problems of Egypt an Islamic order. You threaten and scare themselves from violence against others. The role of Christians as politically little organized population group in the new order, will remain insignificant. You are pushed into deeper into the role of the wards; so are second class citizens. The people and the political parties are still far from democratic values in the majority and practice away – which only need to be trained. This can be done only by liberal Egyptians, the the Scooter of a social bridge can take over. The support of the free world, and international human rights organisations is however inevitable.