Thus began the study of mechanics. The path leading to psychology is even longer. To read more click here: Brian Krzanich. " a In support of this awakening Gurdjieff says, do not forget trachea, trachea "Man I do not have a permanent and unchanging. Every thought, every mood, every desire, every sensation I said. And increasingly, it seems taken for granted that this "I" belongs to all of man, the whole man, and that a thought, desire, aversion, are expression of that ALL. . Every thought of man, each of your wishes are manifested and lived in an independent way of Everything. And the whole of man ever expressed, for the simple reason that it exists as such, but physically as a thing, and abstract as a concept.

The man has no individual "I". Instead there are hundreds and thousands of small Ts apart, most often ignored, do not maintain any relationship, or otherwise, are hostile to each other, exclusive and incompatible. Every minute, every moment was a thought, now is a desire, then a feeling, then another thought, and so on without end. Man is a plurality. His name is legion.

The alternation of the Ts, their struggles for supremacy, visible at every turn are ruled by accidental external influences. The heat, sun, good weather, immediately call a whole group of Ts. Cold, fog, rain call to another group of Ts at other associations, other feelings, other actions. There is nothing in man that is able to monitor changes in the Ts, mainly because the man does not notice, or has no idea of them, always lives in its latest "me." Some are naturally stronger than others, but not by their own conscious strength.