March 19 Is Joseph Day! (The Book: Joseph-the Way To The Graal)

In the canton of Schwyz in Switzerland for example 2008 a very special day! Joseph day is still a public holiday in some German-speaking regions. In the year 2008, this day is even a special holiday in the canton of Schwyz: where this day is a public holiday and the Sundays. The Seppitag”2008 but falls in the Holy week! And this week, the Catholic Church celebrates generally not feasts! However, the canton of Schwyz can it not be put off and sticking to the Seppitag. The shops are closed, the offices empty. You want to enable people peace and relaxation. A beautiful Joseph day a good book like promise “is a modified peasant wisdom. “” Try it on this day with the book of Joseph-towards the Graal “by Wolfgang Wallner F.

the just released book by Wolfgang Wallner F. is an unusual, exciting travelogue of a different kind, but are travelling to distant countries, but tracing the path of man to himself, to his true essence, that is, to find the creative source of all being, only in connection with space, with the whole of being, or, more accurately.

The reader is invited to accompany the protagonists of the plot on his journey, to identify with him, and yet at the same time to choose his own, very personal way. Wolfgang Wagner book will give many suggestions to do so. The journey begins with that the hero of the story in a strange old, dusty Theatre is devious.