Differ in color, breed and structure. Usually this is sandstone, shale, Lemeza, limestone, dolomite, marble and granite. Shingles – a small rounded fragments of various water rock round. Hand-assembled along the shores of seas, lakes and rivers. Additionally sorted by size and thickness. Differ in color, breed and structure. Usually this sandstone, quartz rocks, granite, limestone. Decorative stone (rock rock) – it is not very large pieces of various rocks and a cornerstone of any other irregular shapes.

Mined in open pits open by technological shift reservoir rock breed or hand-assembled in different regions. Additionally sorted by size. Differ in color, breed and structure. As a rule, quartzite, granite, basalt, serpentine, jasper, sandstone. Large selection of natural rocks stones of different colors and patterns of the surface allows to use natural stone in the external and internal decoration, facade cladding in a variety of the most daring design decisions.

The most popular rocks stones are granite, marble, onyx and travertine. Natural stone masonry Despite the fact that natural stone – material grateful, laying of natural stone to be performed according to certain rules otherwise there is a risk that your building or decorative element created just collapse one day. In general, the laying of natural stone performing virtually the same rules as the laying of an artificial, namely laying Natural stone requires a system of dressing like a brick. can not have a seam over the other, though smaller vertical joints is better positioned exactly above each other. Laying of natural stone often requires and grading of the stone.