John Kehoe

I worked a lot, the cost of the Internet were simply enormous, because the Internet was then hourly. That is, I for one hour of the flesh a certain amount of money. Worked for some time – and the results of zero. I am particularly disappointed. At the time, threw the case. My development: One download online book "The subconscious can do anything," John Kehoe. So after reading this book – I have brain began to work differently and look at things in a completely different look – and began to think not as all. I recommend this book.

After This has been actively and daily to read books by authors such as Robert , Napoleon Hill, Igor Vagin, Jim Rohn, Bodo Schaeffer, reports and articles Paul Berestneva. Listen to audio Bodo Schaeffer, Azamat ushanova, interview known entrepreneurs, Alexei Lukonina and many others. That's what I've learned in 3 years: Internet auction EBay, something to try, but I did not like it. After looking for a job on a set of text over the Internet, threw money to start working, but there had been deceived. I bought a course in online polls – there is a very tedious job and need to know English, shorter than an extra headache. Bought courses Berestneva Paul – "Build Your Business in 3 months.

2 years ago it all did not take seriously, but now they have given me great assistance in site promotion and more. Tried and such business as the exchange of electronic money (web Money). Studied courses Evgeny Popov (dvd drive) From all the above I want to do one conclusion: If you want to and want to build your business online, then you must do the following: 1. First we need to believe in themselves and not not listen to anyone. A goal and achieve it by any means overcoming all obstacles. 2. You will need a mentor (a man), who excelled in the same field, in his interest will help you become successful. And learn from him! 3. You need a daily basis to develop, read, listen to recordings, study success others, to communicate with successful people. 4. Most importantly, the Internet business – it is action, action and once again act. If you sit and watch the monitor and only dream, the result is nothing happens. Partners from which I am learning a lot: Mr Cold – one of the first Internet entrepreneurs in the Russian-speaking Internet, Dmitry Borisov, Paul Berestnev, Belyaykin Artem Smakotin Dmitri Negoda Maxim, Evgeny Popov, Azamat Ushanov, , Alexander and other successful people.