Internet Entrepreneurs

They are small – a dozen, other. They hide, how long were going to their fame and how hard. They call themselves ‘gurus’ of e-commerce. Those who are involved in the proliferation of various ‘educational materials’, ‘Course’ and the funny thing ‘business packages’, keep quiet about what the practical application of these ‘tutorials’ are very inefficient, and often quite useless for someone who has absolutely no public knowledge, experience and skills and who has neither a ‘business’. Person, who is alone on the path of development of these intricacies are almost always doomed to failure. Why, you ask? Motives, motives rule the world! Think about it, but at least because the ‘teacher’ are not interested to make you a professional e-commerce! Their incomes do not depend on the outcome of your business.

Their sole purpose – to sell their allowances, or at best if you make a reseller of these benefits to its affiliate program. That’s why these ‘experts’ so little, they spend a huge effort for my PR, even energetically promoting each other, and their benefits are expensive for all their useless for the beginner. So, what do you do? There is a way. I invite you, dear reader, podpiatsya to my mailing list from which you will gather the set of the first useful to themselves and learn how and what you can learn to earn really solid money. Also, all subscribers to my mailing have a unique opportunity to get answers to your questions absolutely FREE! In the meantime, tell you that: Before you hold your breath came a letter (if you’re already subscribed), will tell you that the Association of Independent Internet Entrepreneurs ‘Professional-group’ develop and implement a coherent whole system of education, organizations, as well as support for online business.

With that, the whole Information given by the best experts (business coaches) in the most affordable voice and video format. This is the most easily digestible form of acquiring knowledge and skills of organizing the Internet business. Full cycle of our training system is designed for 6 months of intensive study in real time! The work of the Association is conducted on the principles of mentoring. That is, all is not only training, but whole atmosphere of immersion in the business. Members Association takes the hand of each entered into it and lead to the achievement of financial results. One more thing: membership in the Association itself is a business and pays well. Business best practice and is known to already in the process of learning, members of the Association are to launch one of the projects are working on other members of the Association. Enough to come to one of the project, which develops our team, so that on the basis of practice, a much-needed knowledge and skills of a novice. I recommend you immediately, without waiting for the reading list (which is neither more nor less, as many as three months), an urgent visit to the closest conference. The fact that we can give an hour a voice sometimes requires several months of studies in read mode. Especially, it is, as you know, it is impossible in a single letter, the mailing records to CD or even a call. To this end, we acquired a special program – HotConference (room Internet conferences), a tool for presenting information to large crowds at bay. Subscribe to our newsletter and send me an email! Sincerely, Alexander Ivanov.