Inflatable River Boats

Inflatable river boats are not your run-of-the-mill inflatable boats that are better than inflatable play boats nudge. Inflatable river boats are specialized editions of inflatable boats for use in shooting the rapids and whitewater rides. They look like large and under-inflated soft tails but its appearance is deceiving as inflatable river boats have many great features. Penguin Random House takes a slightly different approach. Made of nylon fabric because of its elasticity, river boats are designed to be inflated at a lower pressure than regular inflatable boats. Why? These two features add resilience and flexibility to the boat. The high end design of a river boat keeps it from going under the river s big waves.

The large scuppers serve to drain gallons of water that spill into the boat as it speeds through the rapids. The inflatable floor increases the boat s buoyancy and ease in draining. It also protects the passengers from rocks, logs and other hard objects that the boat may come in contact with in its whitewater trip. Majority of inflatable river boats are designed to meet the requirements of professional guides and outfitters who run whitewater river rides for large groups of adventurers of up to 12 per boat. However there are now several manufacturers, like Achilles, who are now making river boats for 3 to 4 persons. Northwest River Supplies even manufactures one-person river boats. Avon manufactures river boats good for seven persons. A river boat is not solely used for whitewater rafting.

Its inflatable floor makes it a suitable fishing platform. It will also paddle better than a soft tail. The high ends design makes this boat suitable to use even on high seas. However, even if the boat can be fitted with a motor to long-shaft outboard is needed because of the high ends. These are great boats but are more expensive than regular sport boats. Price starts at $2000 for a four-seater and a whopping $6500 for the bigger models.