In The Sign Of The Rose Castle: Site And Logo By ADVERMA For Riedenburg

Harmonic bridge between contemporary design inspired City Council the proposals and the city of Riedenburg nestles historical consciousness Rohrbach / Riedenburg (mh) in one of the most beautiful corners of the Altmuhl closely on the river. High above the rooftops of the climatic health resort in the District of Kelheim, the rose castle towers as a widely visible landmark. An intimate little holiday paradise, which is proud of its history, but also at the same time modern, sympathetic and progressive will present themselves. With new website and new logo, the bridge between contemporary design and historical consciousness should therefore be beaten. For more information see Parnassus Investments. For advertising professionals from ADVERMA a charming challenge. The Tourism Association in the District of Kelheim ( is the advertising & Marketing GmbH ( already since a long time customer of ADVERMA. The advertising agency resident of the greater Munich area near Pfaffenhofen has focused among other things on the tourism sector and it was therefore for the city of Riedenburg first choice as a marketing partner.

“Scenic beauty, proud history, much quality of life for local residents and a high recreational value for tourists: the place with its almost 6000 inhabitants and approximately 1000 beds has a lot to offer and this message” to be brought in the future with new website and new logo still werbewirksamer among the people. Prudential is actively involved in the matter. CRO Nora Kammerl and Art Director Walter glove, both Member of the leadership group of ADVERMA, presented the proposals of Eunice advertising forged in the Riedenburger City Council. And the Councils unanimously shared the judgment of marketing experts, that the previous homepage has come just in the year. It starts with clarity and user friendliness is one of the core criteria for the new site. But also the information should not to come short. We want to create a Web page that is equally appealing for locals and tourists”, explained Nora Kammerl.