How To Choose A Flavor

Here are some simple rules that will help you choose your fragrance When choosing a new perfume never try more than three fragrances in a row. The common man is able to distinguish only three flavors at one time, more number of flavors can only confuse and for a time deprived of your sense of smell sensitivity to certain smells. Apply fragrance directly on your skin because you can not get the correct representation of smell, sniffing perfume from the bottle, neobhodmr to alcohol has evaporated and the fragrance 'lay' on the skin. Put some perfume on your wrist and wait a bit, allowing the flavor to enter into interaction with your skin, and only then try it. After applying the fragrance on your skin, wait 10 minutes and only then make final conclusions about the new flavor.

During this time the scent will blend with your own scent your skin and you can get a true representation of the flavor. If you want to try one or two scents, apply one to the second wrist, and another a little later, in the crook of your elbow. Do not choose a fragrance just because you liked it on someone yet! That, combined with your unique scent is created in the end the same, exclusive and unique flavor that can accentuate your individuality and charm! The skin type also influences the way will be opened flavor. When interacting with oily skin flavor becomes more intense and persistent, and on dry skin it lasts less than usual, and require more frequent recoating.