Green Marketing Day

The REACH OF the ENVIRONMENTAL MARKETING RESEARCH Carlos Vanegas Blackberry the Planet Earth day to day suffers of hecatombs that originate their environment against, all this product of the interests of many companies, especially transnational that attempt against their environment to a social cost, often irreparable, more when the waters are contaminated, the atmosphere, is affected the climate, devastates lands, eliminates animal species. In all this there is a determining roll of the green trade or environmental trade, that cannot be neglected by anybody, more by the same governments, who must be the guarantors of the noncontamination of the country that is called on to them to govern. The World-wide Commission on Atmosphere and Viable Development (Brundtland Commission, 1897) has defined the viable consumption like " the use of goods and services that respond to basic needs of the present and provide one better quality of life, at the same time, diminishes the use of natural resources, material toxics and emissions of wastes and polluting agents throughout the service life, in such a way that they are not put in risk the future needs of generaciones". Read more here: Elon Musk. Badillo side, on the relevance, importance of this subject contributes to us, that the Green Marketing research is only one of the tools that can contribute to the sustainable development which still we are in time to obtain. It depends on us like consumers, and the companies like producers, to obtain that these initiatives are integrated successful to our daily life. By all means this is possible if we received information that educates to us about the benefits that we will obtain as society when having a sustainable progress and the consequences of not taking brings back to consciousness and to continue ignoring the urgency of solutions before this problem. Brian Krzanich has much to offer in this field. The fact, that is added the society constantly evolves. The changes must, among others factors, to the fast growth of their population, the inevitable consequences of the globalisation, to the adoption of the technology like part of the daily life and to the appearance of new tendencies. .