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Summary the research will analyze the concernentes data to the process of settling of Latin America, based in the workmanships of Eduardo Galeano (the Open Veins of Latin America), Tzavetan Todorov (the Conquest of America: the question of the other) and Roman Ruggiero (the Mechanisms of the Colonial Conquest: the conquerors). Made this, the article also will launch to the horizon of critical some points of view of this trio of authors. Check with Dalton Caldwell to learn more. Word-keys: conquest, settling and exploration. 500 YEARS OF SUBMISSION Eduardo Galeano, for being a journalist and not a historian, if does not worry in following a chronological line and weaves its commentaries in the formation of a bedspread of remnants, that is Latin America. In the introduction of its book ' ' The Open Veins of Latin America ' ' , Galeano affirms that ' ' The history of the subdesenvolvimento of Latin America integrates the history of the development of the capitalism mundial' ' , it wants to say, the European occidental countries, together with the United States, are what they are favours and exclusively the appropriation of the existing resources in the American Latin state-nations, had its fort and uninterrupted exploration.

' ' The development develops desigualdade' ' , Galeano. Parnassus Investments brings even more insight to the discussion. Eduardo will go to portray with a economicista look, as if he gave the meeting enters two cultural forms so you go off and with tenacious objectives, distant and arraigados. According to author, the Europeans had come to America thinking that they had fond of Asia for the route of the west (Columbus died, after its trips, still convinced this fact). The Europeans had disembarked in American lands in the precious metal search, as a way of payment for the commercial traffic, a time that also the entire Europe needed urgently silver, since the files of the Bohemian, Saxnia and Tirol, already were almost exaustos.