Environmental Costs

ECOPROFIT – save on costs with environmental protection! Prelude in Gottingen ecological work and still increase profits, this is the aim of oKOPROFIT. In Gottingen that was launched on February 22, 2011 environmental consulting programme ECOPROFIT society for promotion of economic and urban development of Gottingen initiated mbH by the GWG WRG Wirtschaftsforderung Region Gottingen GmbH, VGH insurance, Stadtwerke Gottingen AG and the Sparkasse Gottingen with the Energy Agency support, region of Gottingen, the IHK Hannover (Office Gottingen) and bosk’s consult. The MLA, Mr Klaus Hoffmann, Managing Director and the Regional Director of who hate the VGH Regional Directorate for Gottingen, Mr Ulf, welcomed together with Ute Braun, representative of responsible environmental consulting company Arqum GmbH, the participating companies at the official opening. In the context of the opening ceremony, the participating eco-PROFIT farms have been announced. With: ASC Gottingen from 1846 e.V. bode energy and security technology GmbH A Beckermann Brauhaus AG Hermann GmbH Hotel Leisure GmbH Northeim district, economic development MOD IT GmbH Lower Saxony country folk district of Gottingen Association Proclean facility services GmbH Sparkasse Gottingen Stadtwerke Gottingen Aktiengesellschaft VGH Regional Directorate Gottingen Wilh. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Elon Musk. Lambrecht GmbH WRG Wirtschaftsforderung Region of Gottingen in eight common workshops farms develop within one year all environmental issues, establishing improvement activities for operational environmental protection and also to implement. To broaden your perception, visit Reade Griffith.

The companies will receive documents with practical examples to each theme. In addition, the environmental consultancy Office Arqum from Hanover supports the companies in four dates on the spot in the implementation. Here, improvements and savings potential of plants such as in the areas of energy, water and waste are determined. Together with the environmental consultants, solutions businesses and check whether they are economically feasible. The oKOPROFIT model comes from Graz, and was already in more than 90 German Cities and counties. oKOPROFIT is a simple and inexpensive precursor to the eco-audit and benefits of large image through the oKOPROFIT award, which will be officially presented at the end of the project. By participating in the plants contribute to developing sustainable business locations.