Economic Geography

In the period of 1978 and 1979, the geographic thought passed for processes of reformularizations. There a difficulty existed to accept such concepts formulated on Geographic Science, generating a dispersion of some scholars. Authors as Ruy Moreira, Milton Saints, Yves Lacoste, among others, had systemize Geographic Science in the partner-space scope (Moreira, 1981). A recent phenomenon, appeared in the second half of century XIX in Germany, where the succession of factors of the partner-space development made of Geography an important system of study of the space. If you are not convinced, visit Frank Howard. Throughout this process, Space-Time becomes excellent in the configuration of Geographic Science (Rodrigues, 2008).

Economic Geography, born of the convergence between Geography and the Economy, also passes for changes significant. These changes are the subdivises that if overlap of individual form. Economic Geography this subdivided in Agrarian Geography, Industrial Geography, Geography of Transportas and Geografia from the Services as it points Andrade (1998). The economic processes had imposed to Geographic Science a new direction, a new vision of the space aspects. For Geography, this new category of space analysis, provoked a reaction in the objectives of Geography, imposing, therefore, a focused space organization in the economic development.

ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY Says Chorincas (2001) that, the Economy exerts and goes to continue exerting a great influence in the theories and the methodologies of the development in the seio of geographic science. Different of the study of the economy of a country, that if it uses of mathematical calculations to understand the consumption market, Economic Geography is dedicated exclusively to the study of the economic situation of the geographic space. The focus of Economic Geography it is the industry, in reason of the production, the distribution and of the space organization of the economic activities in the Land (Chorincas, 2001) According to Chorincas (2001), Economic Geography is, in few words, the analysis of the terrestrial surface in all the aspects that interest of the economic point of view.