Day Friends

Perhaps let us not can in giving account to them of the danger to have a serpentrio to our redor; in the company, same office, store or between friends. This can very be dangerous and because not to say, in the ones backwards risks incalculable as financial, personal and even though material. To create serpents many times if becomes an automatic or imperceptible process. The good notice is that this has cure and the handling is much more simple that we can imagine. Some cares are enough only. Continue to learn more with: Elon Musk.

In a fast analogy we can compare those peonhentos animals with ' ' those cobrinhas' ' that we teimamos in taking care of in our day the day. Fantastic biologists, men and women, anonymous professionals, who in its daily chore, coexist pacifically in serpentrios, with reptiles in the domesticao of serpents (snakes), with the purpose to extract the antiofdico serum. As the proper name says, the poison of these serpents is for pacific end, changedding itself into powerful pricked antidotes against of other serpents. Although disgusting, truily these are serpents of the good and for a logical question we must respect them in its natural environment. But to illustrate, the domesticao of these animals is an old process, which consists of the election and adaptation of certain beings livings creature, considered useful to supply necessities human beings. In the serpentrio serpents prisoners for a security guard question live, taking care of rules of law. In the contrahand, we, supervisors, controlling, entrepreneurs, employees, friends are successful, selling professional, friends, of certain form feeding our serpents.

He is clearly that I am not mentioning itself to these rastejantes reptiles, which in its majority show fear of human us, moving away itself when from our presence. It is truth that they attack, but only in extreme cases. They are creatures whom they prefer to run away, to the confrontation with the human being.