Simply save the money under the mattress, just have a little box with tickets and simply thinking that put money in the Bank will have large profits; all this really helps us and luckily the people is gone come to realize this in time, do you think equal? Leave the money down the single mattress will do, or they steal it or eventually be devalued and the millions that you thought that you had, in the end are not nothing; the same happens if you have it saved in your House. Previously had the idea that if you depositabas in savings in the banks accounts could generate more money because the Bank gives you a Commission, but actually it gives you nothing, they are pure pennies at the end of accounts becomes very little money and you’re losing more if you don’t use it. What is now in the eyes of all are the investment funds. A related site: Prudential mentions similar findings. The funds are many and varied, but many of them guarantee will return you your money, so it is the same if you have it saved somewhere else, right? Magnifico’s investment funds It is investing adequately with the help of a professional, it can grow and at the end you will have more money than invested, which translates into a good profit just by the fact of wait. Don’t think it more, having the money under the mattress will not grow, instead investing in investment funds will help that your money if I grow up and become an investor. Original author and source of the article.