I can assure you – will not change. Because you simply outgrown its former limits of space and time to move on. The next question should be – that I need to change in their approach to life and that I can do this right here and now? But we – shift responsibility to external circumstances and other people. Bad boss, does not meet our requirements husband, poor children. .. More info: Sarah Raskin. But if it had not been so and of a star … not agree … but everything came together as converged.

I repeat – we have grown out of previous approaches and simply did not open the door in time to another space. None of this right nor to blame, we just grew up. You also will not come in blame the parents of the child's head, because it grows? Do not notice signs of improvement. Already in our field there are very successful people, and yourself have done something that had never been done, and got the first results, but still singing old song. Well, yes, if we were a million on his head, then yes … So in fact if we have millions on the head, we're with him and his problems nasozdaem because we are able to live in the problems and do not encourage happiness. And the biggest mistake – we do not want to get out of this crisis! Yesterday I saw a comic about it. A man injured his hand and asked a colleague to bring the paper to the office.