Cherif Hamallah

Tierno Bokar (Makram Khoury) and Cherif Hamallah (Khalifa Natour) are convinced that tolerance is the essential property and the hardest to developing quality of people. After her diverse Difficulties have defied upright, they sacrifice their lives for this value at the end. The dramatic arc of the piece is connected to two different views, how often to repeat a prayer: one say eleven times, others insisting on twelve repetitions. So, the piece based on this difference of opinion that expanding into a deadly conflict among factions could actually eleven or twelve”mean. But the wise even combine opposites and thus exercise tolerance – so is the first little saying title of the piece the message at the same time eleven and twelve”. It’s also a piece about the arrogance of powerful men in the face of pious men. Sometimes religious men express their point of view in stories like this: it was the time of the drought.

There was little to eat. The Hyena had found nothing and came back to her child. She saw her own child and shouted: there’s a lamb, I’ll eat this now! the Child recognized the intention of mother and cried out desperately: mother, mother, you don’t recognize me, I’m your kid! Here is no Lamb! the Hyena was hungry and was to have a lamb before him. So she made here is about her own child, that was eaten by the own mother completely horrified.” The system eats up his children, one would like to think and we feel, on the situation in the Iran where part of the fundamentalist power elite followed exactly, which actually should protect them: students and Sufis. Peter Brook you has created with his Theatre of the Bouffes North a venue for an international audience, as a kind of laboratory”for a culture of spiritual values is displayed. Mainly young people between 20 and 40 years old sitting in the building, which weathered after two fires, but not unkempt looks.