Centre Way

The political situation in the State of Jalisco this immersed in innumerable problems that host mostly caused society by Governor Emilio Gonzalez Marquez and its current Government model, which is full of non-tapatia society benefits, the only thing that has been notorious is apathy does not reach agreements that unify and benefit society Jalisco. Coming to bad decisions, loss of money from the State and reprisals. We have first instance, manifestations of the Guadalajara Macrobus on line 2 and 3, which has emerged too expensive politically speaking, you reprisals those justified by the Government on an obstruction of public roads, currently this manifestation has succeeded in having a larger organization and support of different instances which are against policy in retaliation that it has penetrated the Governmentdo care? If you don’t have one more way to objectively resolve this conflict, can end up in a situation of misfortune. More info: Wendy Holman. But well I think I am too for someone that you can’t fix by the already not even political route, but rational and peaceful. In the second instance we have the partial end of the Pan American village and the Pan American Games, where it has invested so much money and time for two years, where also has flourished the discontent of the political environment (for borrowing) and residents of the Morelos Park, which by the way are happy post has been cast down the initiative to build the village inside the Park Morelos situated in the Centre of our cityseparate time is over and Jalisco may be without Games Pan American Games, all this without a doubt to flourished a big temper tantrum by our since Governor adopted a very apathetic stance on other sites suitable for the construction of the villa. Finally we have the conflict of school Lamar which young people in the same way are expressing these excessive fees and arbitrary attitudes, that is true this is alien to the Government but the method has kept the same way of represaria giving some students of the same low institution. Even when it ended all this kind of attitude by our institutions that outraged the rule of law and arbitrarily used legal channels to the abuse of power. There is an old saying: everything that begins badly ends badly hope that at the end of this Government only is a bad drink and don’t carry major conflicts and misfortunes that regret..