Catalan Administration

The first train line that was built on Spanish soil was made in Cuba. If! In that beautiful island on the other side of the pond, and although this floor many years ago that I stopped being Spanish, why not, the island is no longer beautiful. The 18th century is remembered above all by what happened in his early years, and not by the start of the construction of the train lines that were spreading throughout the Spanish geography almost from the second half of that century. Perhaps for this reason, the coming year will be commemorated on the second centenary of what I have reflected our dear court painter (Goya), in the box that contemplates what happened on the mountain of the Principe Pio. But there are still four decades to reach nearly half of the 21st century and adhere the second centenary of the construction of the second railway line in Spanish soil, i.e., the first line that you did in the Iberian peninsula. Construction (the line from Barcelona to Mataro), had a relevant fact which is hardly known and that I like to remember. Do you know what? Yes!, the construction of the first tunnel, the first on Spanish soil!. Almost 160 years ago that was built the first tunnel, and also very close to Barcelona. Perhaps that is why do not understand that the Catalan Administration (responsible for the works of the metro of Carmel) will come them down any that another House that had been in the district, i.e., the tunnel of an underground (cousin of the train) line in Carmel it had to fill concrete since apart from that Earth will swallow any other House in the neighborhood,, cracks appeared on multiple floors of neighbors their cost?, better not to talk. But it seems that the cousin came to cover but these days he speaks of washouts (already have counted 13), cracks (the account has been lost), stoppage of the circulation of other train lines (do not know exactly how many days will be not able to circulate these trains) and everything to do one more rail line to get to Barcelona, but the construction of this line, is not for one train, because trains arrive many.