Car Safety

But there are always those for whom ' harsh' or ' as the ship rolls '. It is no secret that the comfort and control properties are difficult to compatible, and thus depend directly on the suspension stiffness. Combine incongruous possible only in a sufficiently complex or automatically adjustable suspension expensive cars. Although with this perhaps we could argue. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Prudential by clicking through. Many drivers who prefer active style of driving understand that suspension of standard family car designed and sometimes the potatoes from the garden to bring, can not realize all their ambitions. And here begins 'struggle' for control. In accordance with its money and effort each goes his own way.

The first begins with the most shock-absorbers, assuming the standard product originators of all their troubles. Someone sets additional or more stringent anti-roll bars, stretching the front legs. Some change the rubber joints in the suspension for heavier or even the so-called spherical joints. Of course not forgetting about springs, something picked up, cut, etc. Go to Reade Griffith for more information. All of this is bearing fruit. In each case their own. Of course it all works, it's hard to argue.

But here is a combination of various elements sometimes leads to 'Fatal' results. With all of this not many people fully understand the 'what works'. For example, not everyone knows that it is possible to lower the car, and practically do not lose energy suspension, with the acceptability of its rigidity. Here we can help with a progressive spring characteristic. It is important to remember that the most important parameter when selecting springs is the combination of angular rigidity front and rear suspensions. Most standard machines, with For safety reasons, tuned to a lack of control. The ideal is considered neutral, but its drawback is that the machine is running at the limit of coupling properties tires can give an inexperienced driver an unpleasant surprise in the form of an unexpected disruption of the front or rear wheels. In other words, there is no uniqueness in handling. In order not to engage in self-selection, there are special kits springs and shock absorbers designed with all the features of a particular vehicle. kw suspension kit company has been tested by us. The results we were satisfied. Offered to all comers. Improving the manageability and stability it achieved through a combination of measures: lowering the ride height by 3-4santimetra, the use of stiffer springs with progressive characteristics, a good selection of damping characteristics of shock absorbers (for VAZ-2108-09 ahead used high-pressure gas-filled, behind – low). It should be noted that a car with a kw becomes zubodrobilnym or kostotryasnym apparatus, staying in the zone of reasonable comfort. However, even without additional extensions, stiff and silent blocks stabilizers, controllability result will please many.