Car Insurance Prices

Each month Direct insurance, alongside the Cronus Consultancy, it has prepared the index of prices of insurance (IPS) that analyzes the evolution of insurance premiums in the 11 companies of largest car insurance operating in Spain. After the analysis of the latest data, in February of 2011 IPS can be seen above all as a first conclusion maintaining the average global prices, in all coverages. However entering into detail on the evolution of the prices of each coverage, and each insurance company, can highlight some relevant changes. First insurance coverage to third parties Basic, although it maintains the same value as in January (414 euros), presents variations in prices in different companies: 1% down and up to 6% rise. The same applies to third expanded that although it remains stable in a price average of 484 euros, presents a 4% ups and downs of 1%. Finally all risk with franchise and without franchise insurance continues this trend. In the first case insurance of up to EUR 200 stands at 650 euros, a 1% below January, and in the of up to 300 euros, 577 euros, the same in January.

And in the second case the insurance all risk without franchise, its price is fixed in 1,120 euros with some variations in some companies of up to 2% rise. On Direct insurance insurance for automobiles is the unique specialization of Direct insurance which gives a differentiation that the entire company is focused on this sector of activity, professionals with extensive experience and training in the same. Go to Dalton Caldwell for more information. 100% Owned by the AXA Group, it emerged in 1997 in Spain as one of the pioneering companies in the sector of direct insurance. Since its inception it has focused on the permanent accessibility and direct care to offer a service of quality, making internet and phone media fast and reliable, fully adapted to the rhythms of life today. A service accessible, fast, comfortable and quality at very competitive prices. For more information: QUUM communication Silvia Penalver / Lourdes Bertran / Carla Esteruelas C / Serrano 1, 4. 28001 Madrid Tel: 91 442 60 26 / 609 09 62 44;; original author and source of the article