The travels of Gulliver’s Camps made rich and famous to its author, the Irish novelist Jonathan Swift. Instead, those of Francisco Camps abroad, like its predecessors, Joan Lerma and Eduardo Zaplana, does not seem to have served to enrich much the Valencian Community. Moreover, their increasing frequency and the copious cohort of travellers who drag eventually cost us a peak. Let us hope that this time the visit to Russia Yes get some revenue, since it is yet to know what was the recent presidential trip to Abu Dhabi and still remembers the fiasco of the previous visit to the Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson. By this kind of thing, I have never understood fondness for Spanish autonomic Presidents to exhibit his Palm in the wide world. However, in the circumstance of Camps does exist a positive: of that so can forget for a while the Wiles of the Gurtel case, it is not mucus Turkey. and Santiago Calatrava Calatrava alibi does not need praise from Francisco Camps in the last session of parliamentary control to prove his genius.

This, however, is not incompatible with the expense, with the animaladas that says the iconoclast Xavier Mariscal. More gross even Inaki Azkuna, Mayor of Bilbao, qualifies the Valencian architect of stingy of hell. Of course that she was after losing a lawsuit to prolong its Zubi Zuri bridge with a gateway of the Japanese Arata Irosaki. The work of Calatrava come with it, thus the admiration, doubts about its functionality and the additional cost. Asking is it, if not, another mayor, New York Michael Bloomberg: the intermodal station of ground zero will be untimely, unfinished and much more expensive than anticipated. I.e., that argue that the CACSA costs and more are confidential or exclusive use internal, as justified Gerardo Camps at the same time, it is nothing more than a hoax and a sarcasm to citizens.