Business Startups

Nordhorn company compound helps regional start-ups on the jumps. “Because nationwide in addition to an increase in corporate insolvencies as a slight increase in business start-ups is increasing (source: Institute of Mittelstand research Bonn) the Nordhorn company compound on foundations with solid foundation focused”. In this effort was ever rejected the one or the other idea of the founder or rejected the support of the whole. It may be inexpedient to inform the customer to wait that the scrap turns into gold “says the Managing Director of the company lion Kontor then on a pile of junk. We are pleased “(Andreas Miller, Managing Director of Lion Kontor) the approach is always the same on the one hand and yet always different.” whenever a new project lands on our table Above all else must be clarified in a leisurely conversation with the client whether his idea of hand and foot”has.

Is everything been considered? Where is the customer in one year or later? Issues there are many on the way to the own existence. Once all questions have a positive overall picture, the type and extent of cooperation be set and tailored to the needs and capacities of the customers. Special packages of existence establishment”was forged in the companies. So everything can be covered. The development of a strategy, control and active support during the development phase, marketing strategies, promotional materials and public appearances…

at the end of all wishes of the customer are covered and he has the necessary security in order to compete on the market permanently.