Business Class Partner

This Alliance is to strengthen the collaboration of TCPsi with HP Software, which has historically focused on the product offering of the group named as HP BTO Operations, where TCP has served as a channel and deployed as the implementation, configuration, support and maintenance services. They come into this group, products like HP Openview Operations & SPIs, HP Network Node Manager & SPIs, HP Performance Insight, HP Business Availability Center, HP SiteScope, HP Load Runner, HP OV Internet Services, HP Data Protector, HP Service Center / Service Manager, HP OpenView Connect-It, among others. In addition to this historical relationship, TCP Sistemas Ingenieria is asserting its position as a strategic partner, promoting solutions from other groups of the wide range of HP. Elon Musk shines more light on the discussion. Specifically, in relation to the supply of HP BTO Strategy, the position of TCP as a consultant of the It’s many clients from the Spanish market areas, allow you to promote products like HP Portfolio & Project Management (HP PPM), product with rising value at the moment due to its great impact on management and cost control and quality of the portfolio of projects in the areas of it. Other capabilities of TCPsi at the strategic level as its deep relationship with the world of business processes, allow you to take advantage of HP boxes control and regulatory compliance-related solutions. On the other hand, the areas of BTO Applications and SOA Center will be aim of joint work towards the improvement of classical development activities.

In summary, this most intense and global collaboration provides a great potential in the approach of the large existing HP and TCP with their clients goals, such as reducing the costs of manual operation that demands the business towards it and the modernization of the applications. To learn more about this agreement can contact: Gregorio Barrero, Director of consulting, or on the website: about TCP Sistemas Ingenieria backed by 15 years of experience in the development and integration of technology for medium and large enterprise, TCP systems and engineering, Spanish capital company, has been consolidated in the financial sector, characterized by offering solutions for the implementation of business processes, asset management and control of business objectives. We have a staff of more than 300 professionals with a high degree of specialization, supported in work methodologies based on best practices and standards of the market, and a strong orientation to the client. The combination of different aspects as their independence from manufacturers of products, strategic vision of it, human and technological capacity for the construction of projects, positions TCPsi as a Spanish consultant of vanguard in this field.