Bali Hotel Town

Should you not have time, it is worth to go this stage on the A 7 motorway. Already from far away will you become aware while that with Benidorm a true you Travel tourist stronghold. A real skyline beds “Skyscrapern” will appear in front of you by the highest building on the Costa Blanca (the Bali Hotel) is crowned. As day tourist one may not believe it, but also this town has a historic center. Combipix advises you to turn off your car close to the old town, as in other areas of the city, the parking situation due to the crowds of tourists is not just good. Your discovery trip should run along the old town (district of la Cava Aragonesa) or the Castle Castillo on the Avenue de Alcoi to the northern section of the beach. The northern part is literally crowded during the summer months, so that it will be difficult for tourists to get a berth at all.

For the way back we recommend the pedestrian zone, which itself runs along the del Mediterraneo Avenue. Tip: Benidorm is a tourist and party city. The city holds but in the evening and at night not only many discos or clubs. Rather one can tourists on rest Make night walk on the beach very well lit. Tourists who want to enjoy beautiful views of the coast, can this of the Obervation deck of the Hotel Bali. This hotel is located at the southern end of Benidorm or Platja de Poniente. “In any case with the car to the hotel take, since the hotel is unfortunately something far remote from the main beach. For 5, you can take a panoramic lift to the highest vantage point to enjoy the view there. Especially Combipix would like to recommend shortly before sunset on the observation deck drive, to observe how the city slowly the lights go on.