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Still not very widespread in our beautiful city at the moment, but there are many apartments. How to find? Today with the Internet finding accommodation in Paris is easy, probably It is necessary to ask in your browser, such as Paris Saint-Germain apartments for rent and the Explorer displays a list of agencies that specialize in the professional field of rentals. Then select the best known, usually on the first page, and follow the different from their respective sites. Choose an agency that is in France, where the need is best, and whose name is clearly marked (contact link). Do and is even better if this agency is accredited by the official body of the Office du Tourisme de Paris when booking? Book in advance if possible, up to one year is possible, but not too long anyway.

If you can book your holidays in low season, there are always good times, calendars of occupations are empty, and therefore the choice is immense. That apartment you like, then do not hesitate to contact the Agency for more information: your opinion about the quality of housing or neighbourhood can offer answers to your questions and reassure you your travel. Why have a specialized agency? His trip to Paris is an event of high importance, leave nothing to chance, and it is possible that your stay is marred by a small nothing. In the list of agencies that your browser will be selected as described above, it is essential that you consult the guestbook of the site. Testimonials from customers are a great interest in the choice of his apartment, and if the apartment is the most observed by the former clients is even better. It is a true wealth of information and do not hesitate to contact the Agency of the apartment you have chosen. The payment will be made in conditions of security.

All professionals have a secure payment system on the Internet, your data is protected, only the Bank knows your credit card information. It is necessary that the website in which you enter your banking information is of type https, with the icon of padlock in the bottom right of the page. In case of cancellation, professionals offer general insurance of cancellation, together with insurance of risk of various (fire, flood), which is mandatory in France for tenants. They usually have an insurance of civil liability insurance in their country of origin. Conclusions, has now chosen your apartment, which corresponds to their dates, the neighborhood, surface, floor, good bed linen, is quiet and fits within your budget. Do not forget your bond before leaving. If the Agency offers a way to pay the deposit by credit card, it is just an impression, your money should not be debited from your account. Apartrental is an agency specialized in apartments for rent in Paris. It is easy to find on the web site of his Department, with a good price in the neighborhood you are interested, and then book by phone or directly on the site. Peter Arnell understood the implications. Each apartment has a real customer testimonials, with a note for apartaamento (quiet home, bedding, etc.) The price It is in keeping with the neighborhood, the type and quality of housing. The service also offers the subscription of insurance. More than 7 years in the rental experience is internationally renowned Apartrental, which has become a leader in this market.