Arnold Chiari

Defined as tinnitus to the perception of sound without the existence of a sound source that produces it. There are a variety of tinnitus, as well as causes that produce them. Pulsatile tinnitus is a variation of these, whose diagnosis reduces to a much smaller number possible causal thereof. Pulsatile tinnitus (or pulsatile tinnitus) is characterized by the perception of sound in the ears, and those who suffer from this symptom accuse hear a tapping, drumming or continuous heartbeat within the ear. Read more from Glenn Dubin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This type of tinnitus tend to be chronic if not treated and their elimination or reduction will depend on the treatment on the pathology that produces them. Possible causes of pulsating tinnitus can be divided into two groups according to the focus of the same causal anomaly.

Vascular anomalies: Glomus Tumor, stricture carotid artery, congenital arteriovenous malformations, bulb jugular prominent, benign intracranial hypertension and aneurysms of the intratemporal portion of the internal carotid. Other anomalies: dysfunctions of cardiac valves, disease, Paget’s disease, hyperthyroidism, anemia, febrile syndrome, malformation of Arnold Chiari, multiple sclerosis and other diseases of high cardiac output. In many of these cases the associated pathology is perfectly treatable, and once removed the primary condition, the symptom of pulsatile tinnitus will disappear. For example in the case of hyperthyroidism, the oversize of the thyroid gland is responsible for the compression of the neck arteries, which generates an amplification of the sound of the heartbeat in the ear area. To remove the gland by surgical means or atropied by means of radioactive iodine, the pressure on the arteries ceases and with it the heartbeat in the ear. For cases of disease or malformations not treatable, there are many possible treatments to mitigate the nuisance effects of tinnitus.

All treatment alternatives should be studied by the physician, who will find the treatment that better suits the patient. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever. If you want to read as I personally I managed to accidentally eliminate tinnitus, you have Click here. Original author and source of the article.