Argania Spinosa – Tree Of Life

Argania spinosa – prickly evergreen tree reaches a height of 8-10 meters, but there are instances of 21 meters and with stovolom 1 meter in diameter. Knotty trunk, sometimes it is sometimes formed several intersecting shafts. Leaves are small, lanceolate, evergreen, tough. Inflorescences axillary, flowers greenish-yellow, hermaphrodite. Fruit from green to bright yellow, round or oval in shape, drupes, 1 fruit accounts for between 1 to 3 nut oval, brown. To broaden your perception, visit Inland Empire Health Plan. The tree blooms in May and June, Drought – resets the foliage and can lie dormant for several years. Maximum fruiting tree reaches 60 years of age, life expectancy – 200-250 years. Area of growth – virtually unknown outside of southern Morocco Traditionally women of Morocco (Berbers) use of Argan oil for hair care, skin hydration, protection from the appearance of stretch marks prevention of wrinkles and aging skin, nail care.

Ease psoriasis, acne, rashes. Oil can be used as a massage. In cosmetic products, it is used in shampoos, creams, ointments and the like cosmetic oil for hair strengthening, moisturizing skin and hair, reduced skin peeling, home uslviyah it can be used as a remedy for burns. It is used in recipes. Composition of the oil Antioxidants essential fatty acids, carotenoids, ferulic acid, sterols, polyphenols, and contains unusually high levels of vitamin E (tocopherol), vitamin A and squalene. Fatty acids as a percentage Palmitic 12.0% Stearic 6.0% Oleic 42.8% Linoleic 36.8% Linolenic