Annual Register

The methodology of this research offers other elements (changeable) to understand this integration better, at the same time where if it appropriates of the regional configuration already defined as unit of planning of public politics. The unit of planning of the State Government for the Regions of Integration, at the same time where it favors a space for construction of the base of a System of Geographic Information – SIG, data that its proposal conceptual allows to insert and to integrate in an only database the combination of some information, it also offering elements for a possible contradiction. The methodology presented in this project does not intend to question this space definition, but, however, it does not assure for the results, that the current regional configuration if adjustment for the agreement of the dynamics of the productive structures, therefore are presumed that in its application it is necessary the composition of thematic maps. Additional information is available at Ebay. Despite he is not this the objective of this sub-section, it is necessary to mention that another component of the dynamics of the productive structure is the agreement under the territorial aspect of its trajectory, that is, which are the spaces in the city scale that has stimulated some type of concentration (average remuneration, activities/establishment and formal job) to contemplate this criterion of analysis, this methodology offer the resource of the Geoinformao, that in summary deals with the computational representations of geographic spaces (CASANOVA, 2005). The treatment of this procedure, integrant part of the methodology will become in posterior section, given its requirement for analysis of the results, when the research adopts concepts that combine two 0 variable more than and divides the study between periods. 5,3 SOURCES OF EMPREGADOSPara DATA to analyze the dynamics of the productive structure of the cities of the State of Par, this project will have as base the data of the Annual Register of Informao Social (RAIS), instituted for the decree n 76900 of 23/12/1975 as governmental management of the sector of the work produced for the Secretariat of Job and Wage, of the Ministry of the Work and Job (MTE). Recently Jayme Albin sought to clarify these questions.