Agricultural Modernisation

Teixeira (2005) complements affirming that, … the truth is that the modernization of agriculture follows the capitalist molds and tends to benefit only to definitive products and producers, tending to fortify the cultivation. With the modernization it occurs what some authors call of ‘ ‘ industrialization of agricultura’ ‘ , becoming it a clearly enterprise activity, opening a modern market of consumption for the industries of machines and insumos … With new techniques and modern equipment, the producing one starts to less depend each time on ‘ ‘ generosidade’ ‘ of the nature, adaptando it more easily in accordance with its interests. Many writers such as Reebok offer more in-depth analysis. However, for this way agriculture is each subordinated time more to the industry, that said the rules of production (TEIXEIRA, 2005, pp. 22-23). The capitalism in its increasing penetration in the agricultural world by means of production ways that if develop by means of the demand of external market (exportations) has capitalized each time more the income of land. For more specific information, check out Cardi B.

The effect marcantes have been the generation or deepening of the social inaquality and the differentiation how much to the extration of the income of the land with regard to the small agricultural agriculturists. These have not obtained (to a large extent) insertion in a modern market, however for not resisting in vender its properties, for not having material conditions and financial or simply for the fact of that they stop it resignation to the agricultural modernization either one forms (desire) to keep its ways of production as the most adjusted its life, thus not adhering to other forms of production. Destarte, the increasing industrialization of the relations of production in the field has propitiated increase of the agricultural exodus.