Adjustable Baby Bed

You know the problem: you want to be your baby in the crib at the same height beside him on the bed with parents and your baby bed can not exactly fit with the height? Or sit in a wheelchair and get not close enough to the baby’s bed, and can put your baby only under greatest stress? Or the back hurts and you can bend down only with great pain in the crib? May be, are also small in stature and can not bend the grille of the baby crib. The Schneider furniture company has with her baby bed Aladin”developed a solution for all these problems. It employs may also be the problem, as you moderate heights can customize your baby bed your parents bed. Or sit in a wheelchair and looking for a way easier and above all gefahrloser from a wheelchair in the cot to place your baby. You can not close pull enough and are themselves constantly in danger with the wheelchair to tip over.

You might also Back pain or are small in stature and you find it difficult, to lift your child through the bars of the crib base. You can fold away the bed rail and the bed grate on the height of your parents bed mattress at Aladin. Or about knee height boot up, so that you can drive almost from scratch with the wheelchair under the bed rack. Or make the baby bed to the highest setting and can take your baby upright from the mattress – or even wrap. You simply set the mattress to the appropriate height.

So, you can easily put your baby and stress-free guide to sleep. Of course get your baby too much effortless and safe out of bed. The height is electrically (Aladin E) and is controlled with a remote control. The simple height adjustment allows also a multifunctional use of Aladin. The cot is designed so that you can use as a changing table in the top. Through the four stable and smooth-running rollers, you can also the baby bed simply roll it from one room to the other and so getting your baby to have. The development of the baby cot “Aladin” was clearly the technical problem solving “safe and gentle back in the bed lay the children” in the foreground. More information about Aladin, visit the website landeAladin.php. Company Schneider MoBEL GmbH Industriestrasse 79 Tel.: 06226 41260 fax: 06226 42282 email: