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In my life I learned many things, some I learned alone, others with somebody or in group. For example, when embryo I learned to breathe d underneath? gua. Already it drinks I learned to smile, to cry, to enxergar colors, movements, to hear and to recognize the voice of my parents, I learned to saborear maternal milk. With the time I learned to walk, to speak, to break things and with the time I started to read to write, to add, to deduct, to multiply, to divide, glue it, to cut, to draw, to color, to mount, to disassemble, to swim, to sing and to kiss. After that I learned to play ball, video-game, to beat, to apanhar, to loan and to catch loaned, to walk in the center of So Paulo, as much of bus as of meter, I learned to give I change, I change to receive it, I learned computer science, a profession, to clean, to wash clothes, wares, learned to cook, I learned truth, the certain the made a mistake one, since 2001, more necessarily in day 21/04. With this everything what I made was extinguished and again passed to be recounted and you to me sent where since 30/12/2007 I learned to love, to give of me, exactly to somebody so wonderful as you to make and you happy..

Public Hospital

Already between the aged ones, the atmospheric pollution has been associated to the increase of the morbidade (internment) and mortality in such a way for respiratory illnesses how much for cardiovascular illnesses (MARTINS et al., 2003). The diagnosis is based on clinical history and evaluation of physical examination of the patient through auscultates of the lung with the objective to identify to sounds as snores, chiados and other noises that can indicate the pneumonia presence. They are requested rays-x and cat scan of the thorax to confirm the presence of the illness as well as the localization and extension. Requested also complementary examinations the example of hemocultura, hemograma, urea, electrolytes, glicemia, urea and creatinina; transaminases, microbiology of escarro and others (ROCK et al., 2000). For in such a way, it is necessary that the assistance given to this customer is emphasized in the therapeutical one indicated. When receiving the patient with pneumonia, knows in such a way to evaluate the signals and symptoms in the emergenciais situations of attendance, how much also during the treatment in the hospital environment.

He fulfills to be intent to the clinical manifestations, as well as observing the complications decurrent of the pneumonia and, if possible, identifying precociously. Of this form, subsidies will be supplied the planning of therapeutical (the SMELTZER; BARE, 2005). The carried through research is justified for being understood the necessity to know if the Profile epidemiologist of patients interned with pneumonia in Public Hospital in Is Luis-HARM. In this direction, importance is distinguished it to characterize the infections of the inferior respiratory treatment in children. To know the main infections of the respiratory treatment, detaching the pneumonia, being a serious illness and of distinct etiology, that it needs a diagnosis that classifies it how much its type, however its diagnosis normally is made only through clinical data and epidemiologists. They are situations that can harm the therapeutical one adopted for the professional.

Hospital Ethics

The professional of the health if all comes across the time with its proper life, placing each according to its physical health and psychological at risk constant, she develops conflicts and frustaes, she distresses and behaviors you prevented, impotncias, distrusts to commit errors, fast consultations, cold words and attitudes and suffering. The nursing is the art of care, and as cuidador, admires the work that comes being developed that it is for minoraras difficulties, and does not increase them in this long priesthood. We believe that the perfectioning is an obligation of that if it keeps to the front, must walk with security and decide clearly with thoughts objective and, therefore I oppose, without definitions, we will not walk, we will only multiply steps without reaching objectives. The nursing service is dedicated to the recovery and the promotion of the health, of the life, therefore the attention to the cares is the attention for the managemental capacity. Co-author: Sandra Valria

Sade Health

The cells of the vascular endotlio, located in derme, express adhesion molecules that circulating linfcitos T capture they assist and them in the migration for fabric (ROBBINS; COTRAN, 2004). 3.2.O SUS in the Treatment of the Psoriase the Health department directly develops action by means of partnerships or with the States and Cities for purchase and medicine distribution, this goes of strategical medicines of basic the pharmaceutical assistance, medicines, the bonanza medicines for mental health and calls, that they are those necessary ones for the specific treatment of determined illnesses, as diabetes, arterial hipertenso, hansenase, psorase, malaria and those of high controlled cost and use. The Only System of Health, supplies to medicines the population gratuitously, is in the constitution: All Brazilian citizen has right the health. More what great part of the population does not know is that in this right also includes, beyond the medical and hospital attendance, medicines, gratuitously (CONASS, 2003). 3.2.1.Carta of Rights ' ' Letter of the Rights of the Users of the Sade' ' it brings information, so that the citizen knows and uses its rights in the hour to look attendance of health, in it these described six basic principles of citizenship that assures the Brazilian population the worthy ingression in the health systems, either public or private it. The Letter is a very important tool so that the citizen knows its rights and, thus, helps Brazil to have a more effective system of health (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2000). Principles of the Letter: 1.Todo citizen has right to the access commanded and organized to the health systems. 2.Todo citizen has right the adequate and effective treatment for its problem.

3.Todo citizen has right to the humanizado, acolhedor attendance and exempts of any discrimination. 4.Todo citizen has right the attendance that respects its person, its values and its rights. 5.Todo citizen also has responsibilities so that its treatment happens of the adequate form.

Parkinson Rigidity

Clinical manifestations As Smeltzer; Bare (2002), the illness of Parkinson presents slow and gradual evolution. The main clinical manifestations of the illness are: unilateral slow tremor; bradicinesia; difficulties to speak; alterations in the movements; rigidity of the neck, trunk and shoulders; increase in the production of saliva with risk for breathlessness and/or aspiration. The unilateral slow tremor can be of rhythmic rest, that disappears with the proposital movement of the member, becoming evident measure that walks or remains motionless more and accented when is concentrated or anxious. According to previous reference the movements of the carriers of the evil of Parkinson can be: slow (bradicinesia); slow abnormal person (hipocinesia);? freezing phenomenon? decurrent of the incapacity to carry through the active movement; they costumam to drag the feet. They present alterations in the position; writing; face expression; in the movements to blink the eyes. Another characteristic of the pathology is the rigidity of the neck. trunk and shoulders.

In the initial period of training it is common algia in the shoulder in virtue of the resistance to the slow and which had movement to the unilateral comprometimento. while the other is active and voluntary. The slowness of the movements, the rigidity and the tremor are the cardeiais signals of the evil of Parkinson, the tremor of the fingers resemble the movement to count money to it, in the advanced periods of training of the illness the carrier can present dementia and lose the autocuidado capacity of, difficulty to carry through activities of the daily life as to take bath, to change of clothes and uprising ( FREITAS, et al, 2002).

Modern FIAT

Finally, one concludes that, the assembly plant, since its birth, innovated some times its productive process and continues to innovate in the search of satisfaction of the customers, the employees and the society. In its history, it passed for great profits that had been surpassed with tenacity and wisdom. Speaking candidly Amazon drone delivery told us the story. It transformed limits into its bigger challenge, betting in the security, the quality and the performance ‘ ‘ through innovative politics of participation in the results, benefits, training and formao’ ‘ (Express FIAT, 1999). In a trip in the line of the time for the plant, we pass for its modest beginning, of almost artisan base, insurgindo through the machines, in a taylorista/fordista model, until the technological fullness of the automation and microelectronics, of the programs of quality, social and cultural responsibility, training, formation and others. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Vera Farmiga. The plant, that if it archaically initiated in the century XIX as only plus one of a contingent of small automobile plants in Turim, it is placed, today, in the hall of the biggest manufacturers of world-wide of automobiles. But this history, with certainty, does not stop there. 6 – BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES ANTUNES, Ricardo. Good bye to the work? Assay on the Metamorphosis and the Centralidade of the World of the Work.

The Things Of God

The GOD THINGS attention for an examination Called me it the fact chapter 8 of the Epistle of the Apstolo Pablo to the Romans to present, in five of its thirty and nine versicles, the plural feminine substantive THINGS. THING or COUSA is what it exists or it can exist, consonant teaches the old Dictionary to us. This vocbulo, for consisting of an expressive versicle number that composes the most beautiful chapter of one of most beautiful Books of the Sacred Holy Writs, receives from this humble contributor the azado heading of the GOD THINGS. Marlene Dietrich: the source for more info. Here it is the intended analysis: VERSICLE 5:' ' Therefore the ones that are according to meat incline for the things of the meat; but the ones that are according to Spirit for the THINGS of the Esprito.' ' Necessity if makes to say that it deals with this chapter the deepest vindication to the Perpetual Salvation of the believer in Jesus Christ envidada for the Apstolo of the Gentes. Of versicles of 1 the 13, Pablo discourses on the mortal meat, our bodies, saying that, as well as the Spirit of God, who in us inhabits, he revived the Jesus amongst deceased, has to also vivify our mortal bodies. Vivified, therefore, for the Spirit, the ones that are according to Spirit incline for the THINGS OF the SPIRIT, because ' ' the inclination of the Spirit is life and paz.' ' (v.6) To incline for the things of the Spirit is to walk for the Spirit (Gl.5: 16), are to be guided by the Spirit (id.v.18), are to live for the Spirit (id.v.25), it is to be coated with the fruit of the Spirit, and ' ' the fruit of the Spirit is: the love, the joy, the peace, the longanimidade, the benignancy, the goodness, the allegiance, the mansido, the proper domain; ' ' (id.vv.22, 23).

Vysokochastotniki And Long Tail

If your site can distinguish two strategies – optimizing for a small number keywords or a large number of not very popular. In practice we usually combine the two. Lack of high-demand – generally high level of competition for them. For a young site is not always possible to climb to the top of these requests. For the same low-frequency queries, it is often sufficient to mention the right phrases in the page, or a minimum of text optimization.

Under certain conditions, low-frequency queries can produce very good search engine traffic. The aim of most commercial Web sites – to sell a particular product or service or in some other way to make money on their visitors. This should be considered when the search engine optimization and keyword selection. We must strive to get targeted visitors to the site (that is, ready to buy offered goods or services), rather than simply to a large number of visitors. Example. Request the “monitor” is far more popular and at times more competitors than the query “Monitor samsung 710N (exact model). However, for the seller Monitor second visitor much more valuable, and get it a lot easier, since the level of competition on the second request is small. This is another possible difference between high and low frequency queries which should be taken into account.