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The Days

And they are going to love. If so, do then why many couples, after months or years, say that it was the love? Firstly, by a false definition of love. In the 10 principles for a happy marriage we clarify all definitions of love, and all that implies. If this is not clear, the couple believes that love is going. So to know what love is, not to mention lies, we do not always have love to give. There are days when we woke up with the mood on the floor and we don’t want that or talk to us.

You are not going to be willing to give love each day, and your partner won’t be either. And there are times when we don’t want to know anything about life, we feel that we don’t want anyone, that our life has no purpose or meaning. Then, are they going to be separated by this? If love is the main objective, then it is best separated when we feel nothing, isn’t it? For what marriage was created but not. The goal of marriage is not the personal happiness, receive or give love, nor is the company or children they are even. God created marriage and the couple to provide privacy, fellowship and growth, in order to achieve a higher purpose.

Marriage is more important that the only live with your partner, passing the days and the years, doing things together and raising children to be good citizens. God designed the pair for goals larger than you can imagine. And those purposes are more than your happiness. Let us be realistic. You’re not always happy in your marriage. Your partner can be perfect, but just come problems, economic crises, someone gets sick anyway. You’re not always happy. So look at your marriage with new eyes, and consider it the most important in your life, because that is how the marriage will have meaning and purpose, beyond’s own satisfaction. Original author and source of the article

Rio De Janeiro

The diverse factors that had taken a small number of elite Brazilian men to restore has been essentially economic, religious and social. However such elitist ones did not know of the ratios of such fact for the Brazilian people had much less acquired knowledge the population concerning this importance. ‘ ‘ the republican ideas had been part of diverse Brazilian movements, as the Mining Inconfidncia, the Bahian Plot, the Pernambucana Revolution, from 1870 the republican movement gained a formation and concreta’ more solid; ‘ (COTRIM, P. 217, 2001). The previous movements they had influenced of efficient form the republican feeling, the headquarters for restoring a republic it are as much, that such elitist ones had obtained to execute the plan and to reach the desired objective. In comparison with the other countries of Latin America, the independence of Brazil was relatively pacific.

The military conflict limited it skirmishes in Rio De Janeiro and to the resistance of the provinces of the north, over all Bahia and Maranho (OAK, 2005). It did not have mobilization of great armies, did not have liberating revolt commanded by popular leaders, simply the Portugal had only one agreement by means of a payment of two million sterling pounds (mediated for England that was at the time perhaps and bigger interested party in all the process of emancipation of the one until then colony). The city that more suffered with the changes proceeding from the blow, without a doubt, was the city of Rio De Janeiro and its citizens, who at that time were the capital of then the new country and Portuguese former-colony. As it places OAK, great part of the inhabitants of the state of Rio de Janeiro was involved for the first time in the problems of the city and the country (2009). Still according to OAK, Rio De Janeiro suffered deep transformations, as for example, demographic transformations, the numbers of inhabitants grew of frightful form, as well as the ratio of women for men, had more men who women and less of the half of the population were been born in the city.

The Hair

But despite the high cost, danger to life and damage to the hair, the first shipment of the unit in a wonderful two and a half thousand pieces was sold out for several weeks. Indeed, for the beauty of women are willing to sacrifice a lot! Well, after year after year, hairdryer been improved and changed its design, increased capacity, but reduced temperature of blown air, overgrown nozzles for hair styling and bought an ergonomic shape. Drying or styling? Before you go shopping for the best hair dryers, should decide what is it you want. If you use a hair dryer and only rarely to dry hair, you should not chase or for additional functionality, or especially for the number of nozzles. You hair is fine with a minimum set of features, but reliable and quite powerful (600 …

1000 W). If you need the hair dryer to dry the hair frequently, choose a more powerful instrument (1000 … 2000 watts). The stronger the hair, the faster it will dry the hair. Keep in mind that short hair dryer high capacity is required, and hair dryers, exposed chemical wave, weak or thin powerful hairdryer with a high speed air blowing even contraindicated.

For such hair dryer is better to buy the average capacity, such as Scarlett SC-074 1 power of 1300 W with a function of ionization, which reduces the harmful effects of hot air. The cost model of about 350 rubles. If in addition to drying, and you still want to style your hair, we recommend you choose dryers with several temperature regimes. Maximum capacity instrument in this case is not so important. For example, a suitable model for these purposes Scarlett SC-1073 2 cost about 550 rubles. has a capacity of 1600 watts, and three heat settings. Choosing a hair dryer, which can take a trip, look at the compact models, preferably with a folding handle.

The Flowers

Oh, and just hit a female. Learn more about this topic with the insights from UnitedHealth Group. I always wonder where women are taught to think that men can guess about that for women is important? Well, do not guess it, do not guess. Well, he does not understand their own, which is important for a woman to "broom", unfit even for sweeping the floor, which she calls a bouquet of flowers. If you are, of course, say man, that the flowers are very important to you, then gradually he begins to give them. According to the observations of my wife, it takes about 714 repetitions to a man remembered something and started to do what he wants from his woman. Again, if you need it it regularly, persistently, but at the same calm voice, without shouting, tantrums and manipulation. Do not think that men do not understand why there are women whose husbands are in their hands, they say, wear, and there are those that are well anything from a normal man can not achieve. Start respecting yourself and your needs, then we can achieve from their performance.

Of the most common things that man "should have guessed," but does not know: – he must guess to give a woman flowers – guess marry her – to speak and care for her after he got it – at home to help her duties – to protect from his parents – more than watch your hygiene, cleanliness in the house, etc. In general, demand all this from us, feel free. Talk about it, ask for calm and confident, but when a man realizes that important to you, he will do it with pleasure.


For nursing mothers or pregnant women with hypertension. Mix in equal quantities by volume of juices of lemon, radish, carrots (can be 2 parts) and Natural honey. Drinking, drinking boiled water, 1 dessert spoon for 40-60 minutes before eating or 2 hours after meal 3 times a day. The course of treatment – up to 2,5-3 months. This recipe can use all hypertensive patients. When necessary, repeat in 2-3 weeks.

Cahors cure insomnia. Adults only! 30-50 ml of wine such as Cahors, it turns out, encourage sleep, promote sleep. Do not forget to use this wine crossed himself and say: "This wine Yogi was given a dream, please! Amen. After that crisscross tank. Drink slowly, slowly, savoring every drop.

The course of treatment – up to 10 days. Then it is necessary to make a week-long break, and if necessary repeat. Whiskey, rum, cognac and vodka as a remedy in this regard in any case not to use! If angina should gargle with 30% citric acid solution every hour during the day, threw back his head to a solution bubbled in the mouth. To remove an insect from the ear, should be soaked tobacco leaf in water, squeeze the juice from the tobacco and drop by drop to fill the patient's ear. On the surface of tobacco juice appears insect. When cochlear neuritis make an alcohol tincture of the roots of white mulberry. 1 / 3 cans filled roots collected from the sunrise. Age roots for 3-5 years. Pour the alcohol to the top. Insist month. Drip 5-6 drops 3-5 times a day for 1 / 2 cup water. When muscle cramps, myositis, arthritis ointment use of celandine (fresh juice) 2 parts to 4 parts of petroleum jelly or take a powder from celandine herbs and virgin soil (1:1). Baths of mint on the night: 100 grams of dried leaves in a basin of water are useful for tired swollen feet. When paralysis 1 part burdock pour 4 pieces of white wine (dry). Cook for 7-14 minutes. Infuse for 1 hour. Drink 30-40 ml 3 times daily before meals. If uterine atony and uterine bleeding apply a decoction shepherd's purse, which causes uterine contractions. 10 g of herb brewed as a tea to 200 ml of boiling water. Take a tablespoon 3 times a day.


Carioca Tahia was extraordinary and a daring one ground the traditional form of the dancers its movements are simple. The majority of the times carries through the same favourite movements (if it keeps in the trembled one to interpret music), but 0ccasionally demonstrates its repertoire of steps. Its hands do not costumam to make (the fingers are very generally separate), but they can be gracious when it desires thus it. With the feet she happens the same. It has a wonderful position and the arms well are placed. Puma has plenty of information regarding this issue. Beyond a great musical reading, it has an incredible control of its hip, incrivelmente powerful, and of the movements they abdmem of it.

It looks at for the hip for a good time, when it is tremendous. Its powerful one trembled if rees-echo throughout its body. It combines forts accents of chest with> basic in displacements, carried through of calm form. It carries through simple turns and displacements. Its dance is strong and impressive with an incredible presence of palco, it obtains to arrest the attention and it is smiling. More mature, it walks making charm for the auditorium and, 0ccasionally, it makes one trembled; in its ground of percussion, it does not mark each stroke. Also she is master in the cane, manejando it with total control and reaching an uncommon speed for women, even so still it keeps the elegance and the feminilidade.

The letter of musics mumbles, and, for times, it sings, but not while it dances. Burrow snujs during one has left of its show. If leaves it them to fall, becomes the funny moment. More come back toward the Egyptian folclricas traditions, Fifi Abdo also creates dance tableaus that strong they are influenced by this style. In its more recent presentations, for example, you will find it in a cafeteria of the quarter, performando its famous Shisha dance, in which narguile withholds one, it capsizes coal, untied smoke seven times as the woman of the field.

Reis Owner

In So Paulo, for example, it is known as Folia de Reis, differently northeast that is known as only Reisado. In Sergipe it is presented at any time of the year and not only in the parties of Christmas and Reis. With exception only to the period of quaresma, where January is soon carried through in the first week the burial of the ox, thus inhibiting any presentation. Coming back only to after present the period of quaresma. The reisado one has as main personages the Master, the King and the Queen (Owner of the Ball or Owner Goddess), the Foreman, the Mateus or the Cabloca, the catirina, figures and moleques. It exists in the city of Itaporanga D’ Aid six groups of reisado, being that each one possesss its peculiarities, the group ‘ ‘ Children of Maria’ ‘ , this that is formed by you append women, and you compose a religious group of the local parish, also has what she has as leader ‘ ‘ Duninho’ ‘ , and it is characterized for having in its representations the traditional form of its personages, already the reisado one of ‘ ‘ Juarez’ master; ‘ , this that was one of the pioneers in the city in relation the cultural manifestations, and that it has sufficiently detached in the city, since this gave beginning in the decade of 40, together with its father (Jose Pine) and Small Owner, and that throughout the together years with its children and wife, they had kept alive this tradition. Currently they are part of its reisado one, its son represented in the folguedo as ‘ ‘ Cabocla’ ‘ , and its current wife as ‘ ‘ Deusa’ owner; ‘.

Coco Chanel

To complete the image requires a bright and stylish detail. In fashion – long gloves, men's hats, shoes roundnose. Prints – 'leopard', and large flowers. Also, a classic combination of black and white never goes out of fashion. Vary only styles and accessories. This autumn, the relevant ornaments of pearls and crowberry-frill.

Remember, this image should be left to chance. And what about the evening gowns? When choosing a fashionable evening dress does not need to rush. Need to choose carefully. To begin with, and think decide what suits you best. You may be quite short or long classic evening dress.

If you want to look slimmer, then you should choose a dress that hugs the chest, if you are not tall and want to look taller, then you should pay attention to the dress with high waist and freely decaying bottom. This year, the fashion styles of the 80s, the length of the dress just below the knee and has a strict form. These boards allow the women to be gentle and modest and at the same time sexy and catchy. I guess as always, remained in fashion dresses with bare shoulders or high-cut, as a rule they drive men mad. When choosing colors, as well as mentioned above in a fashion classic – black, white. You can select a dress of blue, beige or chocolate brown. Not in any way, do not select dresses in bright colors. Still want to add a few words about the accessories, in particular bags. Coco Chanel herself thinks that it is impossible to look chic without fashionable handbags. By the way, a good bag is never enough J. When choosing a bag is worth remembering that the creators of such summer bags take into account the fact that women wear in the summer light clothing and light dresses, so the handles do shorter. In winter, the opposite. Although if so to understand there are no rules when choosing a bag, the main thing that it was convenient and comfortable. As for fashion trends? It's simple and democratic way, whether you will choose the style 'cowboy' or a bag with chains and metal, the most important thing is not afraid to experiment and create their own individual style.


Change levels relate to which should be changed to put an end adicitiva behavior. They are 5 and are organized hierarchically: symptoms/situation, maladaptive cognitions, interpersonal conflicts, family/systems, intrapersonal conflict disputes. The Transtheoretical approach often intervene at the first level of change, so there will be more likely to happen change leave the addictive behavior; This level also tends to be the main reason for inquiry of the addict, requires less inference because it is the most conscious level; and on the other hand, to the be interdependent if you modify one of the levels, the others will also change. In our hypothetical case Charlie has acted on the first level and second level, as we shall see later. Others who may share this opinion include Affinity Health . In short, you get a model of hierarchical and systematic therapeutic intervention with this approach to global treatment through the differential application of the processes of change in each of the 5 stages depending on the level of the problem of the treated addiction; 3 types of intervention strategies are obtained in this way: change of levels, based on the symptoms of the addict and the situations that keep them, if the processes can be applied and the subject is progressing well towards the following stages of change therapy may be supplemented without requiring a more complex level of analysis. The key level is used when there is a causality in the acquisition or maintenance of the addiction, Charlie (their social disabilities anxiety agrees) with your partner, friends and with his therapist to work out this level for get over it. Finally the of maximum impact used in complicated cases of addiction, where clearly the implication of multiple levels as a cause, effect or maintenance of addictive behavior; in this case the interventions will be varied in order to achieve maximum impact, and applies synergistically rather than sequential. Imagine that Charlie had problems with alcohol addiction for 7 years. Molina Healthcare Inc. is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

First Lady Imelda Marcos

Gregorio Honasan, and also the former First Lady Imelda Marcos, have experienced the wall and are available in person using the imagery. Many writers such as Molina Healthcare offer more in-depth analysis. The mural, calculating 10 foot. by 30 foot, happily dangles around the NBA Jerseys of Caffe Maestro Restaurant walls, in Nicanor Garcia St. Bel-air Makati, in almost ten years in the date of their completion. The dog owner, Ermil Napa, you have selected to stay low-profile all this time around about his most treasured artwork, that has not received any type of media coverage, possibly because of NCAA Jerseys sheer lack of knowledge. Napa, a restaurateur and art collector continues to be renowned for his participation in recycling hardwood from remains of old houses and individuals more restored from demolition projects and transforming them into beautiful photograph of colonial and 1700s pieces. The storyline of Napa methods acquired the wall dates back towards the time I first heard about Fred Villanueva like a painter of delicately made portraits from the Philippines, like the mother-and-child icon, and also the mag-anak as indication of familial solidarity.

Now 65, the artist was commissioned to operate around the mural in 1997 and completed it after at least a year later. The champion of numerous art competitions, he s done many other wall art for example & ldquoHistory of Tarlac, & rdquo now hanging in the Tarlac Provincial Capitol, the Aquino murder, that they finished in 1989, and many other works. The EDSA People Energy wall is, so far, his most ambitious work up to now, both when it comes to scope and substance. Started in early to part of 1997, like a commissioned task for Napa, I have handled to complete it at the end of 1999. When Napa finally saw the mural, I was totally mesmerized through the great effort through the artist to carefully follow the occasions being portrayed along with the spirit it captures around the Philippines.