Month: June 2018

Cajamarca Quechua

Curiously this last word Shangala (cage made of twigs and Pasay used to store household goods and / or cheese) every time it is also known by the name of Ajang (substrate Palta In Cajamarca Quechua?). Returning to the area toponymic Palta, Taylor (1994:50-51) recorded in the sixteenth century endings NAM / NUM (Nama or Numa) TSA / NSTA (entza: course water). However Huayacundos find differences between (Cacas and Ayahuacas) and bald (Avocado – Malacatos). The first difference in their view is the shortage of land jibaros guayacunda toponyms and the second is the differentiation made by documents and established colonial divisions remain in place until today. But the place-name recorded Samanamaca Chimbinuma and milestones for Ayabaca-Ecuador border between Nam Termination or Nama we have registered in the toponym Cashannama, Sondorillo village district in the southeast area of the province and the Left Bank and Huancabamba Mazin right of the creek, a natural boundary with Tabaconas, an area well away from the linguistic context avocado. (This would be evidence in an area mitimaes Paltas highly incaizada Huancabamba or a place name that supports the thesis that the avocado or other language-speaking peasant relationship served in pre-Inca times) Towards the central ara d Piura department, in Morropon Province Namayaco record the place name (salitral home district), Nammuyu (Chalaco, 1940), the latter word apparently corresponds to a variant of Quechua or road Yum mullu Muyu indicating a land trade route to or from this mollusk saw Piura. Regarding NAMA termination could be in the above cases the component NAMO / NAMU to which end all in the language anthroponyms Quing Nam has the meaning of a father or master, hence the name Pacatnamu. .

No Class

In response "Motorhedovtsy" is not just depicted several versions of known songs in England, but also invited the authors (in this case, the Damned, who had already moved on to hard) to experiment with. The result is like all – Motorhead Damned and even outplayed BallroomBlitz Sweet. After such "listening" capabilities newfound team Bronze Records gave the go-ahead to record a new album (Overkill, 1979) and picked a competent producer named Jimmy Miller. Seventies ended just fine. And Overkill, and released the same year, Bomber sold well, always hanging out in the UK charts: Top 40 Overkill reached 24 th place, and the Bomber – 12th. Patlataya young people enjoyed the creativity of new idols, listening No Class and Louie Louie. Released in circulation in the 1980th AceOfSpades reached authoritative 4th place in the top list: the team gathered momentum, and the spring under the name of Motorhead was just beginning to unfold.

In the same year our hot heads off to the next tour. It completed exemplary Phils fight with some hefty Irishman, whose run into the tank without it, at least, unwise. To take no prisoners idea of the "British lumberjacks' was as complete as possible, and in 1981 published a compilation of live-NoSleepTilHammersmith. The CD was recorded during concerts in the Motorhead Blizzard Of Oz Tour Ozzy in the U.S. (by the way, the first of the band in "Stars and Stripes"). Students who do not have time to evaluate "Live" hypostasis Motorhead, finally able to feel in their own skin, looks like this band under the light of Jupiter.