Month: February 2018

The Depths

Us turn psychologically insecure, anxious, depressive and continue with our destructive chain. In severe cases, can speak of violence physical or verbal or even homicide or suicide. Crimes of passion in the worst of circumstances. Under such conditions probably none of the members of the couple are being satisfied and can build a bond based on trust, respect and love. Most importantly acknowledge that we are living in a relationship of this kind, besides that I establish my links in this way. Rather than go ahead with your partner, it is important to ask ourselves some questions about ourselves: how I set up my relationship with your partner? I am an addict or addicted to love? Actually I’m living in a sickly love? I am not able to build a life with my partner, but not without it? Nobody more than each person in particular can give answers to these questions. In the depths of ourselves we know we it is not appropriate, that are killing us slowly, but we do not dare to take the step to free us from our own prison, which is namely not the couple, but our ways and means we relate is important to take into account how much suffer not only with your partner, but in your personal life. How you depend on others to be able to stay well.

There are always resources to succeed, that hurts, Yes, but you are also suffering in the relationship. There are ways out of this situation, just enough having the courage to do so. Self-esteem is the most important ingredient for having the courage to quit that addiction to love. Today there are resource important, psychotherapy is a possibility. If you’re there in love addiction, gives you the opportunity of living and improving your quality of emotional life consider it, perhaps worth wanting more yes same original author and source of the article.